Coaching Questionaire

Congratulations on taking a very important step in your life!

This questionnaire contains some powerful questions for you to consider before your first coaching. This tool is meant to empower you to think clearly, become intentional and allow yourself the privilege to look for the answers. Think about what you want, what limitations you’re currently living with, and how you can move forward into the life you desire living.

To make the most of this session, I invite you to find 45 min to 1 hour where you can have an appointment with yourself, uninterrupted. Find an environment that is relaxing, pleasing and allows you to be at your best, 100% focused on yourself. Give yourself the gift of time. Allow your answers to come from your whole engaged being.

Use this tool anyway you would like. Take some time to ponder the questions, answering all the questions or choosing not to.

I hope that you will make a choice to be open to all possibilities.

Your Information:

Your Goals:

Your Life:

Your Self:

Potential and Possibility:

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